Custom Wool Saddle Pads

$ 250
Type: Tack
Category: General Tack


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These pads are 100% custom made from the sheep we raise and come in several sizes to fit western, endurance and English saddles.
They come is 1/2 inch to 1 inch and we can dye the Wool in about any color you want or leave in it’s natural color of cream or grey.
Each pad is unique so no two pads are the same.
Wool keeps your horse cool in the summer and warm in the winter by wicking away the sweat.
Wool last for many years and requires no maintenance other than spraying it with water and Woolite after about 50 rides. Wool dries very quickly also.
We use quality leather and suede and can put on girth keepers if wanted.
Contact us for a custom Saddle Pad or go to our website to see all our products.
Prices depends on thickness and type of pad.
Base price starts at $175 to $250 and shipped free in the US.


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