100% Wool Custom Made Saddle Pads

$ 250
Type: Tack
Category: General Tack


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My neighbor and I have started making real Wool saddle pads from her Leicester and Dorset sheep! We wash and dye the Wool and our local Mill makes our 1/2 inch and 1 inch felt for us. We can make any size and color you want, and can double the material to make them 1 inch thick! Just trace the pad you like and mail it to us.
We use an Amish friend that puts the black or brown leather strips on for us Nd the keepers if wanted.
We have some sizes already made like Western, Western with contoured back for round skirted saddles. We have English and Endurance also!
Feel free and research the benefits of using Wool on your horse, you’ll learn why they are important and once you factor in that they last twice as long as a regular pad the coat is very affordable! You’ll not wear one of these pads out! Wool keeps your horse warm in the winter and cool in the summer months. We also have Shims that are only $15 each that are great for an older horse with some sway in their back.
Includes shipping in the US.
We have several pads already done below in many colors and can give discounts for 2 or more pads purchased!
Please visit our website curleyewesaddlepad.com


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