Well Mannered Trail Horse

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    14.3 hands
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    2 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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    6 yrs 4 mths
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Jud is a beautiful John Mule with 4 white socks that add some chrome! He’s got a great temperament and disposition and very easy going. Jud has a smooth slower gait, nice running walk so he’d be perfect for someone who likes to trail ride with the Quarter Horses and see the scenery! He has a nice trot into a canter. He’s got some trail experience and does well with groups and if you work with him he’ll get use to going out alone he’s just never been asked to by his owner since they always have ridden him in groups.

Jud is very safe, never done anything wrong s as Nd would be great in a ranch type environment.
He stands perfect for the ferrier, Mount, dismount, bathing, ties, leads and loads.
Once you watch his video you’ll love this pretty Mule!


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